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Central Luzon is top producer of Onions, Ampalaya, String beans, and okra.
In 2011, Central Luzon ranked 1st in Tilapia production.
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A famous destination for fervent campers in Zambales province is the Anawangin Cove near the coastal village of Pundaquit in the town of San Antonio.
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Total Land Area: 2,201,463 ha
Provinces: 7
Cities: 14
Municipalities: 116
Barangays: 3,102
Agricultural Land Area: 552,104 ha.
Temporary Crop Land: 410,973 ha.
Idle Land: 4,790 ha.
Permanent Crop Land: 100,194 ha.
Meadows/Pasture: 5,801 ha.
Forest Land: 3,360 ha.
Other Land: 23,620 ha.
Population (2010)
Total Population: 10,137737
Growth Rate (2000-2010):  2.14 percent
Climate: Type I, II, III
Dialect: Tagalog, Kapampangan, Sambal, Casiguranin, Ilocano, English
Poverty incidence among families: 12.0 percent
Geographical Background

Central Luzon covers a total land area of 2,201,463 ha and occupies the central portion of the island of Luzon. The region is landlocked by Pangasinan and Nueva Vizcaya on the north; Metro Manila, Cavite and Rizal on the south; Aurora and Dingalan Bay on the east and Palauig Bay and Subic Bay on the west..

Region 3 is bestowed with a combination of towering mountains, extinct and active volcanoes, lush verdant farmlands, and natural sea harbors.

GRDP and GVA in Agriculture, Central Luzon, 2011
Item At Current Prices At Constant 2000 Prices
(in million pesos)
GRDP 822,806 552,769
GVA 145,975 93,912
GRDP = Gross Regional Domestic Product
GVA = Gross Value Added in Agriculture, Fishery, and Forestry

In 2011, Central Luzon accounted for 9.33 percent of the country's Gross Domestic Product. GRDP grew by 7.49 percent. Agriculture, Fishery and Forestry comprised 17 percent of the regional economy and it declined by 1.43 percent.

Production and Area, Central Luzon, 2011
Crop Production (metric ton) Area (hectare)
Palay 2,616,083 616,887
Corn 188,494 38,836

Palay production reached 2,616,083 metric tons in 2011, down by 11.57 percent from the 2010 level. Area harvested at 616,887 hectares dropped by 9.53 percent. Corn production at 188,494 metric tons, decreased by 4.75 from 2010 level. Area harvested at 38,836 hectares declined by 9.64 percent.

Gross Output in Agriculture: Growth Rate by Subsector, Central Luzon, 2011
Sector Growth Rate 2010-2011 (percent)
Agriculture (1.18)
Crops (8.53)
Livestock 6.73
Poultry 3.51
Fisheries (2.77)

In 2011, production in agriculture decreased by 1.18 percent. The crops subsector comprised 30.36 percent of agricultural production. It recorded an 8.53 percent decline. Livestock and Poultry subsectors shared 19.20 and 29.86 percent, respectively, of agricultural production. Livestock subsector grew by 6.73 percent and poultry, by 3.51 percent.

Top Agricultural Commodities, Central Luzon, 2011
Commodity Name Production Growth Rate Share to Total Agricultural Output of the Region Rank of the Region in the National Production
---------- (in percent) ----------
Chicken 3.58 25.37 1st
Palay (11.57) 21.47 1st
Hog 7.13 16.84 1st
Chicken eggs 2.11 3.29 2nd
Cattle 1.77 1.47 7th
Corn (4.75) 1.28 11th

Chicken, palay, and hog accounted for 64 percent of the region's agricultural output. For those commodities, Central Luzon was ranked first in the production.

Employment and Wages
Total Employment (CY2011)
	= 3,831,000 persons

Agricultural Employment
	= 829,000 persons

   By Sex:
	  Male = 654,000 persons
	  Female = 175,000 persons
Daily Agricultural Wage Rate by Sex, Central Luzon, 2011
Sex Nominal Real
(in pesos)
Male 295.39 175.80
Female 257.13 153.03
Both 290.46 172.87
About 22 percent of the region's employed persons were in the agriculture sector. Of this, 79 percent were male agricultural workers.
Inflation Rate by Item, Central Luzon, 2011
Item Inflation Rate (2006 based)
(in percent)
All Items 5.2
Food and Non-Alcoholic Beverage 5.9
Rice 5.7
Corn 2.5
Meat 2.6
Fish 6.6
Fruit 9.6
Vegetables 14.4
Costs and Returns of Production
Costs and Returns of Production, Central Luzon, 2010
Item Palay Corn (yellow)
(in pesos)
Cost of Production per Hectare 48,287 38,307
Cost of Production per Kilogram 11.13 7.07
Net Returns 18,865 23,262
Farmgate Price per Kilogram 15.48 11.37
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